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Dr. Carolina Vera

Dr Vera

Originally from Colombia, Dr. Carolina Vera moved with her parents and sister to Fort Lauderdale, Florida at 9 years old.  She dreamt of America as the land of hope, promise and opportunity: a better life only limited by her own imagination and will to succeed. Armed with intelligence, determination, passion and street smarts, Dr. Vera graduated at the top of her high school class and had the prestigious honor of being immediately accepted into medical school at Nova Southeastern University, where she eventually graduated with highest honors. Being passionate about saving lives and gaining knowledge in all forms of medicine, Dr. Vera was naturally drawn toward Trauma and Emergency Medicine.  She pursued her residency in Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, where she was named Chief Intern during her four years of training.  Over the following ten years, Dr. Vera worked full-time in various Emergency Rooms across Broward and Dade Counties, honing all of her medical skills and abilities.  She has a relentless drive for excellence that has helped to save many lives, and she has undoubtedly left an immeasurable impact on countless thankful families, colleagues and staff.

“We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.”

Marie Curie


Her Dreams

Despite the fulfillment of the ER, Dr. Vera was born with a true gift of an aesthetic eye coupled with gentle, skillful hands and a warm and comforting bedside manner.  With the dream of a private practice and a new professional challenge, Dr. Vera became a double board-certified physician in both Emergency Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine.  Then, she took it a step further by becoming a published author and TV and media personality and formed the Vera Medical Institute in Plantation, Florida.

Dr. Vera remains true to her calling of being a doctor first– to always do the best for her patients while doing no harm– while continuing to push the boundaries and offer the latest technological advances to achieve natural beauty and captivating the best one can be inside and out.  In addition, Dr. Vera is on the cutting edge of age management medicine, a proactive and preventative approach focused on optimal human function, appearance and quality of life throughout all of your decades.

Dr Vera
Dr Vera

Feel Confident

& Beautiful

Dr. Vera’s passion and professional mission is to help her patients feel confident and beautiful in their own skin without invasive surgical procedures, while maintaining a natural appearance. Her everyday motto is “Look Good, Feel Good.” and through her artistic eye and gentle touch, alongside her extensive knowledge and background of emergency medicine, she will work with her clientele to produce dramatic and long-lasting change while keeping the results exceedingly natural.  She is dedicated to leading her industry and becoming the foremost medical authority in the future of this rapidly growing sector of medicine.  Together, we can reshape the future of aesthetics and age management medicine.

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