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Brazilian Butt Lift



Brazilian Butt Lift

It doesn’t matter how long you spend in the gym. Most women still want a more rounded, lifted buttocks and legs with less cellulite. Now with our Brazilian Butt lift treatment, you can achieve the look you want without surgery or implants!

The Sculptra


Sculptra has been FDA approved for use in the face for volume loss. It works by stimulating one’s own body to produce collagen. The treatment works by filling in the dimples and creases associated with the cellulite with injections. The correction is seen immediately but that subsides rather quickly because it is mostly saline. Over the next several weeks, collagen is gradually built up from the injection, and the cellulite appearance improves.



Buttocks & Legs

Creating a Brazilian Butt Lift with Sculptra is a seamless procedure. There is no liposuction required, no healing/soreness from fat harvest, no need to sit on donuts or in some cases “avoid sitting at all costs”. It can be done in 15 minutes and is nearly painless. Each injection is done using cannulas or sharp needles for minimal bruising and discomfort. Approximately 4 vials are used per side during each treatment. The number of treatments depends on the patient’s desired results. Long-lasting improvements in lifting and fullness should be expected from Sculptra, which appears gradually over several months.

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