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UltraShape Power


UltraShape Power is the first & only FDA cleared non-surgical procedure that uses pulsed, focused ultrasound for fat cell destruction.

UltraShape Power painlessly destroys fat cells without harming surrounding skin, nerves or blood vessels.

The Science

Less Time. Less pain. Less fat.

Unlike other fat-reduction procedures that use heat or freeze fat, UltraShape Power treatments are virtually painless and leave you free of any unwanted visible side effects. All you’re left with is smooth, contoured results. So you can hit the doctor’s office, then hit your yoga class in a crop top on the same day.

USP-Science 1

UltraShape® Power delivers ultrasound energy directly into the stubborn fat below your skin’s surface.

USP-Science 2

Rapidly changing pressure waves cause the targeted fat cells to rupture, releasing triglycerides that are processed by the liver and eliminated naturally.

USP-Science 3

UltraShape® Power’s fat destruction, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, can deliver the body you’ve worked hard for.


Show off the

body you’ve earned.


Typical regimen features three treatments spaced two weeks apart.


Most people describe UltraShape Power as a pleasant, even relaxing, experience.

Virtually Painless

There's no soreness or numbness after treatment, and side effects are extremely rare.



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